Carpet mechanics - Carpet cleaning glen iris.

Carpet Mechanics

carpet mechanics

  • Machinery as a subject; engineering

  • The machinery or working parts of something

  • the branch of physics concerned with the motion of bodies in a frame of reference

  • The branch of applied mathematics dealing with motion and forces producing motion

  • (mechanic) machinist: a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools

  • mechanism: the technical aspects of doing something; "a mechanism of social control"; "mechanisms of communication"; "the mechanics of prose style"

  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

  • A large rug, typically an oriental one

  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • form a carpet-like cover (over)

carpet mechanics - Introduction to

Introduction to Composite Materials Design, Second Edition (Composite Materials: Design and Analysis)

Introduction to Composite Materials Design, Second Edition (Composite Materials: Design and Analysis)

Providing the main tools used for preliminary design of composites, this concise text covers all design aspects such as fiber and matrix selection, fabrication processes, prediction of material properties, and structural analysis of beams, plates, shells, and other structures.

Powerful preliminary-design tools, such as "carpet plots," are used in examples throughout the book, and software, entitles Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites (CADEC), is provided, which includes all of the design equations.

To download CADEC, visit Dr. Barbero’s book website

82% (17)

April 28th - "Makes Jack A Dull Boy"

April 28th - "Makes Jack A Dull Boy"

I've eaten breakfast and am sat in the lounge, hunched over The Herald, failing to do the crossword. This is my morning tradition. One day I'm going to complete the crossword. And on that day, my brains will come down my nose.

A Techy course chatters on the couches behind me. One of them slumps into the upholstery.

"Oh GOD - I feel like I've been here FOREVER."

An artery begins to twitch in my temple as I turn round.



"You're on....what? Week three?"


Synapses fire, I wrestle to keep my voice even.

"I'm starting week thirteen, total time here. After three weeks WE'RE allowed to start going crazy; YOU should still be bouncing about and having fun. Your tolerance should still be high enough to be smiling through it all. I, on the other hand, am beginning to fantasise about riding a tricycle up and down the geometrically carpetted corridors upstairs. I've got a typewriter all inked and ready. I'm super fly TNT. Another ten weeks in here? Fuck no, not today, thank you kindly."

They stare at me. I smile, pop the creases back into the paper and stride off to class.

An A&E senior doctor delivers an excellent lecture on trauma, explaining and illustrating all the hellish complicated physics bits with real life examples. He then talks us through assessing a trauma patient, we feverishly scribble down notes and points he raises as "important". He'll be assessing us at the end of the week, so it's only wise to do it 'his' way

He's friendly, easy-going and pragmatic - "We're nothing more than inflated mechanics, we just put air and water in the machine in increasingly clever ways." - and when we laugh at his attempts to draw pictures he laughs back and invites us all to fuck off.

Lecturers like this, I could get used to.

We spend the afternoon revising his lesson, I discover "Don Juan Syndrome" - a combination of bilateral broken heels and spinal damage, most commonly found in people who jump from upstairs windows and balconies.

Ahhh medics, sick fuckers to the end.

Benito rolls into the classroom and asks me - "Aramis? Who's that?"

I tell him.

"Why Aramis? We googled it, it's a wee bird thing with long legs and a big nose, he's not happy."

I realise I've mispelled it - I KNEW I couldn't spell D'Artagnan (see?) but thought I'd made a good stab of it. I explain the situation and avoid having my head kicked in by the teaching staff.

The chair graveyard

The chair graveyard

The chances of this actually ever coming off were incredibly slim. Panic is not really an emotion you want on any explore, and sadly I'm afraid to report I did some low grade panicking early on here. Thankfully, I had a word with myself and got on with the job in hand. I'm glad I had a tripod. Trembling is not the correct way to ensure sharp pictures.
This place looked like it was not going to happen at all, luckily some good thinking and being brave meant that we were able to check it out. It looked like it was a mixed use place - car - parts were left in places, forgotten and from another era. As we pushed on, strange cages could be seen, maybe to hold the carpets that this place once stored, and in other parts of the complex, the remains of the furniture warehouse revealed rooms full of discarded chairs.
I'm sure we weren't, but there was a real feeling that we were the first people in this part of here for years, a feeling that you don't get that often when doing UE. I loved it.
I'd got a bit lazy recently. Popping round familiar sites that others have done is good, but this reminded me of why I like doing this sort of stuff while most people are wandering around soulless malls like Meadowhall/Lakeside/Merry Hill/Brent Cross(delete as appropriate) Planning, pushing yourself, taking a risk, thinking things through means the end reward is usually good. Even if you end up trembling. Oh dear.

carpet mechanics

carpet mechanics

2 X Forearm Forklift Moving Lifting Strap Home Delivery

Made of heavy duty nylon materials
Allow you to carry large objects at a low gravity for bettery stability- adjustable; 2000lbs capacity
Easy to use and encourages correct lifting techniques
Easy on your hands - no need to worry about hitting your fingers on the door frame
Adjustable to 246cm so you can move large or small objects at a height that suits you
X-Crossing straps makes it easy to move awkward shaped objects without slipping
Comfortable to use
Easy to store, keep a pair in your tool box and one at home or in the office
Size: 246 x 4.8cm (L x W)
Load capacity: up to 2000lbs
Color: black & orange

Package Include: 2 x Forearm Forklift

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